A great divide has befallen the human race. Too extreme? Probably, but the general consensus on the highly anticipated film that brings together two of comic books most iconic heroes ever has been greatly concentrated at opposite ends of a love-hate spectrum, especially between the fans and critics.

The critics weren’t too pleased with the film. Because Christopher Nolan left behind a legacy that proved to us that fantastic Batman movies were actually a possibility, there was always going to be a great burden of responsibility on the man who would set about bringing these movies further. The man who had to ultimate shoulder that responsibility was Zack Snyder. Anyone who has viewed Zack Snyder’s previous work should not have the least bit of hesitancy in agreeing that he a gifted filmmaker. With stylish cinematography and a penchant for slow motion action sequences, he has carved a very recognizable and distinct style of filmmaking in the Hollywood today.


The critics who went view this film simply entered the theatre with incorrectly placed expectations. A number of critics have mentioned that the movie was dark, humourless and too effects driven. And a simple retort could be presented to them. What did you expect? A very evident misconception has to be addressed before we proceed further into this discussion. Zack Snyder does not make Marvel movies. When a director such as him has been announced to make a movie that includes, quite undoubtedly, one of comic book’s darkest and grittiest characters and in addition, draws inspiration from one of the most violent portrayals of a crime fighting superhero ever seen, it should really not come as a surprise that such a film have a sombre undertone. Instead he should be venerated for successfully delivering a type of movie that he is so proficient at directing. And it would be almost criminal not too commend him for bestowing on us the best ever fight scene Batman has engaged in a live action movie.

Having said all that, Batman Vs Superman was by no means a perfect movie. The critics were at least right in addressing that the incoherency of the plot coupled with the poor character development that it definitely has. In fact Kevin Smith, a prominent filmmaker and comic book enthusiast quite aptly described the film when he said “It’s almost like Zack Snyder didn’t read a bunch of comics, he read one comic once, and it was Dark Knight Returns, and his favourite part was the last part where Batman and Superman fight.” In other words, DC comics were so enthusiastic about kick-starting the DC extended universe that they tried to stuff too much content into one film. Also it would have hurt the film less if they had revealed less in the trailer (at least doomsday’s appearance should have been kept a secret).

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, please do as it is undoubtedly a CGI visual treat. Although 3D enthusiasts should be warned, the glasses darken an already sombre film that includes a large number of poorly lit scenes. If you do happen to miss it, utilize ShowBox, a free movies and TV shows streaming app that is available for Android, iOS, Blackberries and Kindles. It’s very easy to use and can be downloaded quite conveniently from here: ShowBox for i-Phone download. The website contains a wide range of new releases and is steadily expanding its database.

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