YOGA TOES – a new school of thought

Yoga Toes by YogaPro are perfect for people with feet.
Seriously, your feet have to carry and balance your entire body weight all day long; so what do you ever do for them?
Yoga Toes gently stretches and relaxes cramped and stiff feet, strengthening and aligning bent toes and foot muscles while increasing circulation to leave your feet revived & rejuvenated.

Yoga Toes

When I first tried Yoga Toes, I thought “ok, these are pretty cool”, but after using them only a few times I noticed that my feet felt lighter; the same great feeling you get after a massage.  I’ll never go on another hiking trip, let alone a rock climbing adventure without a pair.  If you play sports, dance, or you’re on you’re feet all day, do yourself a favor and pick up some Yoga Toes; your feet will thank you.
Toga Toes also makes a great gift, especially for someone with a foot fetish.

*Perfect for man gift for Fathers Day!

Listen up women, because you like to persecute your feet in a futile attempt to impress men that never glance past the waste, you and your kind are left only with your foot problems and envious or snide comments; woman actually have about four times as many foot problems as men because of their fashion trendy stiletto’s and pumps.
As a student and master of Yoga, Frederic Ferri created Yoga Toes along with a number of other yoga related products to help people re-invent their understanding of Yoga principles and postures.  His tools (including Yoga Toes) allow experienced and non-experienced yoga goers to enjoy yoga in a more convenient and efficient manner.


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